ALLUINTEX is a name synonymous with quality, dependability, and efficient service.

ALLUINTEX is one of the one of the pioneer and leading manufacturer and exporter of Aluminium Ladders in the country. They offer a wide range of aluminium ladders like maintenance ladders, heavy machinery ladders, domestic ladders, etc.

It consistently offers quality products and services to meet a customer's specific requirement. The Aluminium Ladders are light in weight which increases portability and has high tensile strength ensuring less deformity.

These ladders can be also recycled for maintaining better resale value.
Extension Ladders
These ladders have Hollow seamless extrusions and corners radiused for sturdiness.

The crossbars are fitted well to reach different heights...
Sturdy Self Supporting Ladders
These are sturdy and used chiefly in domestic / maintenance areas.

They are designed to function perfectly in different environmental conditions...